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L’économie et les institutions : une perspective historique

The study of the relations between the economy and the institutions has been gaining relevance in the social sciences. Adopting a perspective of the institutions which is not confined to the restricted field of economic organizations, but it includes a whole set of rules, beliefs and norms that influence the economy, it remains open a vast field of research which has always been central among historians: analyze and understand, in historical context, changes and permanencies of the social factors that make up the institutions. The institutional framework that distinguishes each economic space or country at a particular historical context contains an important part of understanding on the performance of their economies. In this sense, our aim is that the 31stMeeting of the Portuguese Association of Economic and Social History will be an important moment of reflection, in historical perspective on economics and institutions. The 31st APHES Conference invites the national and international scientific community to participate in this debate, submitting thematic panels or individual papers. PhD and Master’s students will find in the Conference a special space for participation.

Coimbra – du 18 au 19 novembre 2011

Date limite de dépôt des projets de communication : 30 avril 2011