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Laure Quennouëlle-Corre and Youssef Cassis (eds): Financial Centres and International Capital Flows in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries


Laure Quennouëlle-Corre

  1. The Battle of the Bourses? Competition between Stock Exchanges in the Twentieth Century

            Ranald Michie

  1. An ‘Atypical’ Case? The First Emergence of Brussels as an International Financial Centre, 1830–1860

            Stefano Ugolini

3.      ‘Rivalry and Collaboration’: Relations between Buenos Aires Merchant Bankers and European Bankers in the Issue of Argentine Government Bonds in the 1880s

            Carlos Marichal

  1. St Petersburg Exchange: On the Road to Maturity.  Industrial Stock Index, 1897–1914  

Leonid Borodkin and Gregory Perelman

5.      London as the Global Market for Corporate Securities before 1914

Leslie Hannah

6.       Wall Street Transitions, 1880–1920: From National to World Financial Centre    Richard Sylla

7.      The Decline of Paris as an International Financial Centre 1914–1940

Laure Quennouëlle-Corre

8.      The Banque de France, the Bank of England, and the Stabilization of the Romanian       Currency in the Late 1920s

Ileana Racianu

9.      An Integrated European Market without an International Centre: 1945–1962?

André Straus

10.  The Re-emergence of Hong Kong as an International Financial centre in Asia, 1960–1978: Contested Internationalization

Catherine Schenk