Annonce de publication : Claude Diebolt Understanding Demographic Transitions. An Overview of French Historical Statistics

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Diebolt Claude, Perrin Faustine : Understanding Demographic Transitions. An  Overview of French Historical Statistics, Editions Springer, Collection  « Population Economics », Berlin, 2016 (copyright 2017), 176 pages.


This book studies the process of demographic transition which has played a  key role in the economic development of Western countries. The special focus  is on France, which constitutes the first clear case of fertility decline in Europe. The book analyzes the reasons behind this phenomenon by examining the evolution of demographic variables in France over the past two hundred years. To better understand the reasons of the changing patterns of demographic behavior, the authors investigate the development of the female labor force, study educational investments, and explore the evolution of gender roles and  relations.

Nicolas Marty

Nicolas Marty Professeur des Universités histoire Contemporaine, Catedràtic d'història contemporània Université de Perpignan, Universitat de Perpinyà

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