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Dynamics of Distribution and Diffusion of New Technology

A Contribution to the Historical, Economic and Social Route of a Developing Economy

Authors: Diebolt, Claude, Mishra, Tapas, Parhi, Mamata

  • A comprehensive and rigorous study of technology adoption and diffusion in developing countries from historical perspective

This book presents a comprehensive study of adoption and diffusion of technology in developing countries in a historical perspective. Combining the development of growth trajectories of the Indian economy in general and its manufacturing industry in particular, the book highlights the effective marriage between qualitative and quantitative methods for a better understanding and explaining of many hidden dynamic behaviors of adoption and diffusion trend in manufacturing industry. The use of various econometric methods is aimed to equip readers to make a judgement of the current state of diffusion pattern of new technologies in India and simulate a desirable future pattern in view of the various pro-industrial growth policies.

Nicolas Marty

Nicolas Marty Professeur des Universités histoire Contemporaine, Catedràtic d'història contemporània Université de Perpignan, Universitat de Perpinyà

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