Cliometrica, Vol. 10, No. 2, 2016

Claude Diebolt nous communique :

Springer Verlag, together with the managing editor, the co-editors, the  honorary members and the associate editors are pleased to announce the online publication of Cliometrica, Vol. 10, No. 2, May 2016:


Nuno Palma
Sailing away from Malthus: intercontinental trade and European economic  growth, 1500-1800

Matthew Jaremski, Brady Plastaras
The competition and coexistence of mutual and commercial banks in New  England, 1870-1914

Jonathan Pritchett, Jessica Hayes The occupations of slaves sold in New Orleans: Missing values, cheap talk, or informative advertising?

Frans Buelens, Ewout Frankema Colonial adventures in tropical agriculture: new estimates of returns to investment in the Netherlands Indies, 1919-1938

Samuel Standaert, Stijn Ronsse, Benjamin Vandermarliere Historical trade integration: globalization and the distance puzzle in the long twentieth century

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Nicolas Marty

Nicolas Marty Professeur des Universités histoire Contemporaine, Catedràtic d'història contemporània Université de Perpignan, Universitat de Perpinyà

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