Hommages à Alan S. Milward

Alan Steele Milward. Historian, Economist, and Political Theorist
Multidisciplinary Research Workshop jointly organised by the Max Weber Programme and the Alcide De Gasperi Centre

16 December 2015, 5-7 pm

Max Weber Common Room, Badia Fiesolana, European University Institute, Florence. Luc-André Brunet (HEC), Emmanuel Comte (RSCAS), Ricardo Estrada (ECO)

This workshop investigates the interdisciplinary dimension of the work of Alan Steele Milward (1935-2010), who has shaped decisively the historiography of European Integration. The workshop intends to improve our understanding of key social science issues and methods through better knowledge of the work of Alan S. Milward. Considering that we can hardly learn from our predecessors, because the issues we research and the methods we use are changing fast, is widespread, but misleading. The most important issues and methods at the centre of the social science remain the same and observing how scholars were able to combine perspectives and methods across disciplines still remains helpful in developing our own ability to do the same.

Alan S. Milward spanned several social science disciplines throughout his career, acting successively as Associate Professor of Economics at Stanford University, Professor of European Integration History at the European University Institute (1983-86 and 1996-2002), and Professor of Economic History at the London School of Economics and Political Science. In his research Alan Milward dealt with a variety of problems at the core of the social science: What is the role of economic forces in wars? Do conquests pay? What are the drivers of economic development? What are the drivers of regional integration? The work of Alan Milward can thus help us to tackle issues of interest across disciplinary boundaries. He was able to tackle such problems by studying the modern history of Europe from World War II, but also the Industrial Revolution in nineteenth-century Europe. Using mainly the methods of historians, his studies were based on archival material. He achieved accurate descriptions of economic realities in spite of the less developed means available in his time. Furthermore, he designed his historical research in a dialogue with political theories, eager to use existing theories, but also to develop theories of his own, drawn from his understanding of history.

On the participants: Professor Federico Romero (HEC) worked for many years with Alan Steele Milward at the EUI and at the LSE. Professor Fernando Guirao is Jean Monnet Professor of History with an ad personam chair at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. Doctor Frances Lynch is Reader in History at the University of Westminster, London. The latter two are the main specialists on Alan S. Milward’s legacy; they have just published together, for Routledge, their second book on his legacy: Alan S. Milward and Contemporary European History. Collected Academic Reviews. This focuses on the practice of reviews, particularly important in Alan Milward’s research.

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Chair : Emmanuel Comte (MWP)

Introduction : Professor Federico Romero (HEC)

Invited speakers : Professor Fernando Guirao, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona ; Doctor Frances Lynch, University of Westminster, London.

Discussant : Luc-André Brunet (MWP)


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