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The lastest volumes of 2012 of the collection Moneta (<> are now published (on coin finds in Belgium). Twenty volumes have been published this year (6488 pages) on Bulgaria (antiquity); Japan (Meiji period) 3 volumes; Coin finds in Belgium (4 volumes); Coin finds in Great Britain (1 volume); 19th c. Monetary History (France, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Hong Kong) (11 volumes).

The first 2013 volumes are now in preparation.

The DAMIN website on the question of Silver Monetary Depreciation and International Relations <> has been update with the announcement of the two round table in 2013: Paris on Small change and Madrid on Transfers of precious metals. New participants joined the program of researches and some documents have been added.

Best wishes

Georges Depeyrot

Georges Depeyrot

<> research program 2012: publication of vols 131-150.


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