Creation of the Team “Cliometrics and Complexity” (CAC)

Creation of the Team “Cliometrics and Complexity” (CAC)

We are very pleased to announce the creation of the Team “Cliometrics and Complexity” (CAC) hosted by IXXI – ENS Lyon, the Complex Systems Institute in Rhône-Alpes. CAC is not intended to be a Lab but a research project within IXXI – ENS Lyon, aiming at bringing together complex systems modeling and Cliometrics.

Our goal is to stimulate new approaches to Economic History by drawing inspiration from other disciplines, notably complex systems modeling in Biology, Mathematics and Physics. We think that the methodological exchanges between different academic fields are fundamentally beneficial for a renewed understanding of the underlying dynamics of historical and social systems.

In the effort to communicate the joint research activity of the Team CAC and encourage original and interdisciplinary papers in the field of Economic History an international conference will be held each year under the auspices of IXXI at the ENS Lyon. The first one will take place during 2015. You will be kept informed of its organization.


Antoine PARENT (Director/Coordinator of CAC, Professor of Economics, Sciences Po Lyon, LET) & Pablo JENSEN (Director of IXXI – Complex System Institute, ENS Lyon, Research Professor CNRS – Physics)

Catherine KYRTSOU (Deputy Director of CAC, Professor of MacroFinance and Quantitative Methods, University of Macedonia)

Fredj JAWADI (Deputy Director of CAC, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Evry)

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