the 2014 CHORD conference on: ‘Retail Work: Historical Perspectives’ , University of Wolverhampton, 11/09/2014

We are very pleased to announce that the 2014 CHORD conference on: ‘Retail Work: Historical Perspectives’

will take place at the University of Wolverhampton on 11 September 2014

The programme and abstracts can be found here:

The PROGRAMME includes:

*Fan Carter, Kingston University, ‘Shop Girls: Fashionable Femininities and Retail Work in 1960s Britain’

*Pamela Cox, University of Essex, ‘Shopgirls, Disgust And Desire’

*Sabine Chaouche, University of Oxford, ‘Attracting “Freshers”: Business Practices and Strategies in Nineteenth-century Oxford’

*Serena Dyer, University of Warwick, ‘Mr Calico and Mrs Pincushion: Man-Milliners and Gendered Retail Work in England, 1770-1830’

*Heidi Egginton, University of Cambridge ‘“The Old and the Beautiful”: The Role of the Provincial Antique Dealer in the Marketing of Second-Hand Collectables, c. 1900-1939’

*Oliver Heal, independent researcher, ‘Heal’s – Distinguished Retailing 1900-1940’

*Anca I. Lasc, Pratt Institute, ‘Exporting New York: Abraham & Straus, Commercial Patrons for an “Empire Aesthetic” ‘

*Angela Loxham, Lancaster University, ‘Cleric or Conman, Curate or Crook? Understanding the Victorian Draper’

*Katrina Maitland-Brown, University of Wolverhampton, ‘Synthesised Roles: Women’s Identity in Business’

*Traci L. Parker, University of Chicago, ‘Race, Class, and American Department Stores’

*Robin Price, Queensland University of Technology, ‘Racing slowly to the bottom: Wage fixation in Australia’s Retail Industry’

*Martin Purvis, University of Leeds, ‘Learning to Manage: Working Practices in Interwar Multiple Retailing’

*Rachael Richardson, Sheffield Hallam University, ‘Consumption and Communication: The Marketing Ingenuity of Mail Order Entrepreneur, J. G. Graves’

*Hannah Scally, University of Cambridge: ‘ “Imagination in the Service of Business”: Commercial Education and Expertise, 1880-1910’

*David Shaw, University for the Creative Arts, ‘Retail Information Technology Turns from Friend to Foe’

*Belle Stennett, Birkbeck, University of London, ‘The Staging of a Business Conversation. The Trade Cards of William Hogarth in the Eighteenth Century’

*Deborah Wynne, University of Chester, ‘Representing the Draper: From Kipps, to the Flying Draper, to The Paradise’

The conference will take place in the MILLENNIUM CITY BUILDING, University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton City Campus.

The FEE is £26.

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