The Alfred D. Chandler Jr. Travel Fellowships

The purpose of this fellowship is to facilitate library and archival research

in business or economic history. Individual grants range from $1,000 to

$3,000. Three categories of applicants will be eligible for grants: 1)

Harvard University graduate students in history, economics, or business

administration, whose research requires travel to distant archives or

repositories; 2) graduate students or nontenured faculty in those fields from

other universities, in the U.S. and abroad, whose research requires travel to

Baker Library and other local archives; and 3) Harvard College undergraduates

writing senior theses in these fields whose research requires travel away

from Cambridge.

To apply, send a CV, a summary of past academic research (of 1-2 pages), and

a detailed description of the research you wish to undertake (of 2-3 pages).

Applicants must indicate the amount of money requested (up to $3,000). Please

also arrange to have one letter of reference sent independently of the

application. The deadline for receipt of applications is November 1 of the

calendar year preceding that in which the fellowship is to be used. All

materials should be sent to Walter A. Friedman, Rock Center 104, Harvard

Business School, Boston, MA 02163. E-mail:


Ms. Felice Whittum

Manager, Business History Initiative

Production Manager, Business History Review Harvard Business School

Tel: 617-495-6179

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