The Harvard-Newcomen Postdoctoral Fellowship in Business History

Harvard-Newcomen Fellowship in Business History– with corrected web links

The Harvard-Newcomen Postdoctoral Fellowship in Business History

To be awarded for twelve months’ residence, study, and research at Harvard
Business School. The fellowship is open to scholars who, within the last ten
years, have received a Ph.D. in history, economics, or a related discipline.
The fellowship has two purposes: The first is to enable scholars to engage in
research that will benefit from the resources of Harvard Business School and
the larger Boston scholarly community. A travel fund and a book fund will be

The second purpose is to provide an opportunity for the fellow to participate
in the activities of Harvard Business School. The fellow is required to
research and write a case, under the direction of a senior faculty member, to
be used in one of the business history courses. Finally, the fellow is
encouraged to submit an article to Business History Review during his or her
year at the School.

Applicants should submit a CV, undergraduate transcript and graduate-school
record, thesis abstract, and writing sample (such as an article or a book
chapter). Applicants should also state the topics, objectives, and design for
the specific research to be undertaken. Finally, applicants should indicate
the names of three people who will write references on their behalf. The
three letters of recommendation are to be submitted by the writers directly
by October 15 of the calendar year preceding that in which the fellowship is
to be used. It is the responsibility of the applicant to solicit these
letters. The fellowship will be awarded and all applicants notified by
mid-January. The Fellowship will begin July 1. Applications should be
received no later than October 15 and submitted online to:
Please direct your recommenders to visit:

Harvard University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer.
Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Ms. Felice Whittum
Manager, Business History Initiative
Production Manager, Business History Review Harvard Business School
Tel: 617-495-6179

Nicolas Marty

Nicolas Marty Professeur des Universités histoire Contemporaine, Catedràtic d'història contemporània Université de Perpignan, Universitat de Perpinyà

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